Illuminate Your Night

Let us show up and transform your event location…indoors or outdoors, on any surface, with our unique and eye-catching string lights and lighting stand set ups. No more renting huge tent frames, driving stakes in the ground, wiring, duct taping or hammering! We can add the lighting of your choice to your wedding, party, festival, restaurant, winery or patio. We take the challenge out of awkward and time consuming set ups, so you can focus on the other details.

How Does it Work?



Whether planning the wedding, public event or a gathering friends for a private gathering, iYN provides full service event lighting for any area or venue indoors or out. We know the best ways to set-up lighting in Bend’s most popular venues.  


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Every landscape has it’s own unique layout and we have lighting options to enhance any area for ambiance and functionality. We’re experts on illuminating a space and highlighting it’s best qualities and create that special touch to your event.



Sit down, relax or dance the night away and enjoy the party. iYN will take care of every lighting detail from delivery, set-up and take down within the time frame needed. Leaving you to shine and fully embrace the celebration.

Ready to Illuminate Your Night

Types of Events

Event Lighting For Weddings


Let iYN string up the magical ambiance at your wedding. We’ll ease your stress load and create a captivating atmosphere for your special night.

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Lighting for Public Events


The streets of Bend, Oregon are no stranger to the lighting styles of iYN. We’ll light up the party around the dance stage, food tents and along walking paths.

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Light Rental for the DIYer

Are you a DIYer in need of lighting in or around Bend, Oregon? We have light rentals that will transform your indoor or outdoor space and will surely get the attention from your guests.

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