Lights and Multi-Purpose Stands


String Lighting Styles::

Bistro lights, also known as globe string lights, have bulbs the size of golf balls and they come on white, black and green cords. Ideal for tents, dance floors and larger areas needing more lighting.

Small white lights come on white, brown and green cords. Ideal for wrapping around trees and poles, hanging in trees, creating curtain of lights with chiffon and canopy of lights in smaller areas.

Icicle Lights on white cords. Ideal for hanging around perimeter of tents.

Rope Lights, clear white. Ideal for wrapping posts and railings.

Solar Lights Once the sun sets it can get a bit tricky to navigate certain wedding locations. Solar lights serve as a great way to define bodies of water, such as ponds and rivers, if near reception areas. They can also be helpful to define the pathway back to parked vehicles.

Lighting Products



Lanterns, Can be hung from bistro or small white lights, or can be hung separately with their own battery operated lights inside.

  • White Paper 12” and 14” – Ideal for indoor use
  • White Nylon 12” and 14” – Ideal for outdoor use

Custom Colors Although we don’t carry colored lanterns, we recommend Lights&Decor website to pick out your desired color(s) and we will hang them as desired.

Lantern Lights Battery operated lights that illuminate lanterns and globes

Chiffon Options:

Chiffon Perfect to hang around tent poles.

Chiffon Ceiling Draping – Transform any room or tent with added ceiling draping.

Chiffon Curtain Add a magical back drop to your head table or cake table. Our chiffon curtain can be hung with or with out twinkle lights. Our standard set up is 8′ tall by 10′ wide, or we can customize a size.

Rustic Farm Table Tops for your buffet or gift table. Specially designed to include a corner section for additional display space. This set up includes 2 – 8′ table tops, 1 – 4′ table top and 5 wine barrels.

decorative light elements

lighting stand styles


These decorative light stands are a perfect solution to hang lights when there aren’t trees, structures or tents to hang the lights from.

Our stands are built from re-cycled, re-purposed, re-used materials. Additional added weight and a patent pending core base allow for a sturdy and safe set up, indoors or outdoors.

  • Rustic Wine Barrel Lighting Stand – Natural finish with silver bands
  • Refined Wine Barrel Lighting Stand – Stained finish with black bands
  • Rusty Tin Lighting Stand – 3′ tall x 24″ wide with 36″ table top
  • Shinny Tin Lighting Stand – 3′ tall x 24″ wide with 36″ table top
  • IYN Lighting Stand – Perfect for a low profile and elegant look. Our patent pending, sand filled stand lighting stands come with a black slip cover.


custom lighting stand options




Our wine barrel light stands also serve as tables for beverages and decorations. Create that rustic look with simple effort. Each wine barrels has a 2″ hole on top of barrel. We recommend covering with decorative item.

Need more inspiration on how to use our wine barrels – check out our Pinterest page

wine barrel stands for rent Bend, Oregon